About Us

Who are we?

The organization, “Dialog ohne Hindernisse e.V.,” was established in 2011 by a group of dedicated people from Hamburg. The members of our theater group are people of all ages, with and without disabilities. Since 2011, our organization has widened its method of performing its work. The door to our organization is open to everyone. Anyone who wishes to work or take part in our plays is welcome at any time!

It is also worth noting that our organization is independent from other organizations, and that we do not support any particular political ethos. It is always our pleasure and an honor to work with people who have open hearts and minds, and who have respect for all human beings.

What are our goals?

Our main goal is to awaken the interest for art and literature in people with disabilities and their families. We also want to contribute to their life in a positive way. We continually witness people with disabilities who have difficulties being accepted by others and being treated in a humane way. They are still not treated in the way they should be and deserve, whether in Turkey or here in Germany. “Life is better when we share it with others!” is our motto. We are offering people with or without disabilities the opportunity to unfold their artistic interest, to form new friendships, gain confidence through their work on stage, and enhance their linguistic ability through the theater. Our goal is also to remove the stigma that many people still live with. The integration of people with disabilities in our society is of great importance.

Why in particular the theater in our organization?

We are able to form a relaxed and tolerant atmosphere where the artists can express themselves freely. The group members support each other and friendships are established. Furthermore, our physically handicapped artists gain new confidence through their work on stage. As members of our organization, they are given the opportunity to see what they are capable of despite their limitations. Through repeated practice that takes place several days a week, we offer the perfect balance in their day-to-day life. In our performances, we pay particular attention to their continuous progress physically, linguistically, and mentally. Our work is like therapy for our artists.

Contents of our plays?

Our plays are written and produced by our group. We also try through our plays to demonstrate the many situations people with disabilities face in their daily lives. Furthermore, we try to show through our plays the consequences of marrying a relative, and situations where domestic violence occurs.

Where are we located?

Our organization is located in Grosse Bergstrasse 189, 22767 Hamburg (Altona). We would like to thank our supporters for their contributions and we would appreciate further support in the future.

Finally, one should never forget that people with disabilities are mirrors of society. Being disabled does not mean that one is unable to do anything! One should not focus on what people with disabilities cannot do, but instead, on what they are capable of doing.

We all live under the same ‘roof’!

The Earth!!

Everybody deserves the chance to live and be treated equally and with dignity!

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