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Nelli Rakshan Nelli Rakshan

Short biography

Debut: Wolkenlose Traume aus gruner Sonne

I’m Nelli (15 years old). My dream job is to become a nursery school teacher. I would like to entertain and take care of kids. My hobbies are swimming, singing, dancing, acting, and many more…

So far, I have acted in Wolkenlose Traume aus gruner Sonne, Der gruner Ring, and Gemeinsam statt Einsam.

I love Dialog ohne Hindernisse because I have met wonderful people and have made a lot of nice friends.




Melissa Demir Bekir Ay

Short biography

Debut: Umuda Dogru

My name is Bekir (30 years old). I have been disabled since the age of 24, prior to which I was a healthy man. My hobbies are playing soccer and acting.

I’m a salesman, and I love my job. Unfortunately, I have been unable to continue my occupation.

Theater has become my passion. I love acting and enjoy our theater group a lot.


Muhammed Üsame IlterMuhammed Üsame Ilter

Short biography

Debut: Umuda Dogru

I’m Usame, and I act in theater because it gives me great joy and because it is my passion to convey a message to the audience.

Besides acting, I love singing, which is why I take singing lessons to improve my skills.

So far, I have acted as the father in Umuda Dogru, Ali Aga, Huysuz Koca, and Kiz Isteme; as the second angel in Melekler ve Seytanlar, Mustafa ve Kiz, and Ogretmenler ve cocuklar cocuk; as Manni in Altona macht auf; and as Nathan in Wolkenlose Traume aus gruner Sonne.

I like coming to the organization because it is lot of fun, and I truly appreciate the family atmosphere.


 Zübeyde IlterZübeyde Ilter

Short biography

Debut: Tiyatrokolikler

My name is Zubeyde, and I love the theater. In fact, I love all kinds of art very much. I, along with my son Usame, am one of the founding members of Dialog ohne Hindernisse.

I have acted in Tiyatrokolikler, Melekler ve Seytanlar, Nathan der Weise, and Adem ile Hava.

I like our organization’s familial atmosphere a lot. Besides acting, I engage in various volunteer social activities.



Can GülsenCan Gülsen

Debut: Kadinlik bizde kalsin










Melahat Sönmez

Melahat Sönmez



Gizem Aydinlik

 Sengül Sönmez

Sengül Sönmez

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